Why I love alcohol

Far too often do I hear nonsense about alcohol from government, NGO’s, soap operas who I am becoming more and convinced are being sponsered by anti-drinking groups etc.  The tragic thing about it is that, even though it is mostly exaggerated bullshit, because the lie is now so big and widespread it is settling into peoples minds.  And every time I feel myself actually considering the opinions of these puritanical fuckwits I stop myself and read this comment from Mr. Eugenides:

Drinking with friends is one of life’s small pleasures. No, let’s change it up; it’s one of life’s biggest pleasures. How many memories are burned on the brain – albeit fuzzily – from boozy student nights out, when tomorrow morning’s lectures could be skipped with impunity and the whole world was there for the taking? How many lifelong friendships forged over pints on lazy summer evenings? How many of your friends have met, taken a fancy to and fallen in love with life partners with the aid of a shot of Dutch courage to loosen the inhibitions or a glass of wine to lubricate the tongue? How many of us and our children, to say nothing of geniuses yet to be born, owe our very places on this earth, and some of the fondest times of our lives, to the joyous, self-actualising, life-affirming, complex, subtle, almost magical force that is alcohol?

So seeing as it’s Friday, I’d like to raise a toast to that most wonderful of substances and finest of life’s little pleasures, alcohol.



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