The Libertarian Party UK

Well I’m now officially a member of the Libertarian Party UK

So far I’ve been a member of the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives and now the LPUK.  Some people might see this as somehow disloyal or flakey.  Those people are either ignorant or simply tribal idiots.  As a person goes through life they should always consider consider where they stand in relation to their principles.  If they don’t match, it’s time to move.  And as we learn new things and gain greater understanding, it’s inevitable we will from time to time shift our positions.  I joined the Lib Dem’s for tactical reasons – I wanted to support PR at the time.  I joined the Tories because I was/am desperate to get shot of this car crash of a government.  Now with a Tory win being largely inevitable, I don’t need to donate to the spineless, directionless Blair wanabe that is Cameron. 

Anyone who is interested in having a free Britain (which should be every decent human being) should take a look at this website and consider giving them their support. 

Also, the leader of the LPUK is Chris Mounsey, perhaps better known by his website, The Devils Kitchen.  If anyone has read his stuff, just imagine him in Parliament…


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