Invention of the year award goes to…

Week after pill


No doubt we’ll hear cries of the sexual repressed wailing of how this will lead to the downfall of mankind into some STI ridden pit.

Oh wait…

Norman Wells, of the Family Education Trust, a family values campaign group, said: “International research evidence shows that making the morning-after pill more readily available doesn’t make the slightest difference to unintended pregnancy and abortion rates.

“The easy availability of the morning-after pill has a damaging social effect, by lulling young people in particular into a false sense of security, encouraging a more casual attitude to sex, and exposing them to increased risk of sexually transmitted infections.”

The Telegraph, 29/01/2010


There will always be people who take risks when it comes to sex, and if they aren’t bright enough to protect themselves with condoms then it’s their own business.  What this drug does is at least reduce the number of people who will fall pregnant accidentally from such encounters, which can only be a good thing.

To be fair if I wanted sensible commentry on a social issue I really shouldn’t have had my nose in the Telegraph.


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