Hitting students where it hurts most

Back in ye olde days when I were a spritely young student (2+ years ago) I was poor.  Poorer than I am now even.  Of the £4k I recieved in loans, 40-60% went on rent, depending on which year your looking at, and I suspect it’s a similar story for most students.  Which is why this story pisses me off so much.

“Landlords wishing to rent out houses to three or more tenants, who are unrelated, will in future have to apply for planning permission. Councils will also be given new powers to license and regulate landlords in certain problem areas.”

Telegraph, 28/01/2010

In doing this they will restrict the number of homes available to students, thus drive up the cost of accomodation. 

How can this government be so stupid?  On one hand they have a policy of trying to get 50% of young people into university, on the other, they want to make it more expensive.  At a time when the number of people dropping out from university is increasing, partially due to costs, do they really think this policy will encourage more people to enrol?


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