Winds of Change

Sorry for the gap, I thought no one was reading but just checked and now have had a whopping 16 views in a day.  Woop woop.

Anyhoo, in today’s news I’ve read this:

This is the real impact of Climategate. The rebels at Copenhagan were always going to to be stubborn and find some way to say “fuck off, we’d rather not empoverish our people to ease your conscience” politely. The actual people involved, ie Phil Jones, are going to get back on the gravy train somehow. No, the real change is the attitude shift. The sceptic voices have been emboldened, the warmists are retrenching and the opportunist bastards who run this country are starting to hedge their bets. And the rest of us are just as cynical as we always were, knowing ultimately that irrespective of the science our parasite class would still screw it up and enrich themselves at the same time.

However, it looks as though some of the parasites are realising the AGW host may be drying up and it’s time to find a new cause to bleed. Now this might only be a vocal minion rather than one of the polticians who count, but it’s a start. When we start seeing leading MP’s finally moving away from it we’ll know the trend is dead.

Or perhaps this Tsar is just as cynical as the rest of us, and knows global warming is going to be low on the next government’s list of priorities.


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