It’s all about me

Hello world, and welcome to the rantings of this crazed northerner. 

I’ve held off writing a blog for a long time as it smacks as thinking your own thoughts are so witty and interesting that the rest of humanity will give a flying fuck.  However, in the interests of my dear wife I have decided to write up my rantings here.   I figure if I can get it off my chest here rather than telling her during Gossip Girl we’ll make it to our first anniversary later this year.

So, it would be rude of me not to introduce myself a little.  I’m a Northern ex-pat living in the West Midlands these days and working for a bank I’d rather not name in case my musings are one day held against me.  I’m a libertarian but it took me a journey starting at LibDem’s via the Communist Party of Great Britain before hitting Hayek’s Road to Serfdom finally settled where I lie politically.  I’d like to think I was driven throughout all those shifts by a desire for a free society consistently, but new knowledge, debates and growing common sense gradually told me collectivist nonsense just cannot achieve any meaningful freedom.  In truth though, it was as much a growing sense of wanting everyone else to fuck off and let me plot my own course.

Besides my politics, my other passions are food, alcohol and my wife.  Quit vomitting, we’re still newlyweds.

Finally, though I expect this blog to be mostly about politics I will no doubt stray elsewhere, so bear with me…


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